Hi! We’re Serokell – a company with about 20 Haskellers, and some Elixir people, doing fewer and fewer blockchain-related projects. We are hiring SREs who can work with Nix (yay Nix!) and know some Haskell or Elixir. The job is fully remote.

A bit more about us

Serokell is a development and consulting company founded in 2015. We have about 25 developers (all working remotely!) that write almost exclusively Haskell.

Our efforts at world domination have provided us with a growing stream of projects, some of them with operations needs. Since we're trying to maintain a healthy balance of development and operations, we're looking for more Site Reliability Engineers.

Finally, a list of nice things about Serokell, compiled by one of our developers:

Whom we are looking for

Site Reliability Engineers. We mainly use Nix/NixOS, and we also require basic familiarity with Haskell. If you have any experience with AWS, Kubernetes, or other alternatives, be sure to mention that – even though they aren’t hard requirements by any means.

A quirky sense of humor, decent communication skills, and a story about that one time you took initiative will all be appreciated during the interview. Also, if you’re very bad at setting priorities/goals and working towards them, it would be rather nice if you mentioned that right from the start. (An HR guy can dream, right?)

Site Reliability Engineer (IT Operations Engineer)

We expect you to: